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Biological Pest Control Available for Residential and Commercial Customers

Bio Works have been in the business of biological pest control for nearly 20 years. Essentially, we are an established predatory Mite breeding business. We’re located near Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of NSW but serve growers nationwide. The Coffs’ climate, together with advanced breeding strategies, produces a robust predatory mite ready to tackle a variety of horticultural and garden pests. In short, through constant innovation, dedication and passion, we are able to supply a premium product. We supply predatory mites as a stand-alone biological pest control solution, or as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.


What is Biological Pest Control?

Simply put, mite predators and parasites are bred for controlling harmful pests in the agricultural and horticultural industries. It’s an organic approach to pest control that’s safe and chemical-free, and that’s of interest to the home gardener too. Biological pest control has progressed through the identification of biological control agents such as predatory mites. These predators, or biocontrol organisms, have evolved to feed off certain hosts. Common target hosts are pests. They include; fungus gnat larvae, thrips and their pupae, Two-Spotted Mite (TSM), Tetranychus urticae or red spider mite, and biting midges or sandfly larvae.

Release the Hungry Hordes for Effective Biological Pest Control

We breed our predator mites to be tough and resilient. As such, our breeding program incorporates environmental stresses to ensure every batch is ready for the toughest conditions. Simply release the predators at the right time, and in the right amount, and let them do what they do best. It can take a little more time than dousing the area with pesticides but they work cleanly and efficiently, selectively ridding you of the target pests. Rest assured, we’re happy to advise you on how to achieve the results you want.

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BioWorks treats a range of pests affecting commercial and household gardens.

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Effective biting pest management

Say goodbye to Sandflies with BanItch

BanItch is the use of soil dwelling predatory mites that are used to treat the eggs and larval stages of biting midges or sandflies. It is a property management tool that helps in significantly reducing the number of these nuisance biting pests in your gardens and lawns. If biting midges or sandflies are a problem for you head over to our dedicated BanItch section.

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