When considering “how much will I need”, please bear in mind that it is always better to have a bit more than you think you will need, especially on initial release as pest level will be high. And the more BanItch released into an area the quicker it will work.  Also the further you can spread out from your garden area the better the protection in your garden.

We generally recommend a minimum of a bucket for an initial treatment for an average size Suburban block, between 500 and 800 square metres. But for example, if you have a larger block you might consider ordering more.

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Pests BanItch attacks

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Effective biting pest management

Say goodbye to Sandflies with BanItch

BanItch is the use of soil dwelling predatory mites that are used to treat the eggs and larval stages of biting midges or sandflies. It is a property management tool that helps in significantly reducing the number of these nuisance biting pests in your gardens and lawns. If biting midges or sandflies are a problem for you head over to our dedicated BanItch section.

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