In this informative article we give you the insight into, How To Get Rid of Spider Mites?

Getting rid of spider mites can be achieved through the correct use of the predatory mite persimilis. It is important to catch a spider mite infestation before it becomes well established, the longer a spider mite infestation is left untreated it will be harder to effect control. If you do have a bad infestation of spider mites especially after hot weather then a larger release of persimilis predatory mite is highly recommended.

Hosing down of plants or a predator safe spray (oil or soap sprays) prior to release of persimilis predatory mites can help significantly in eventually getting rid of spider mites. Persimilis predatory mite feeds only upon spider mites so it has exactly what is needed within its biology to get rid of spider mites. The predatory mite persimilis can exhaust it’s food source so is a great method of getting rid of Spider Mites.

Persimilis then move on looking for more spider mites out of your cropping / growing area. Once you have got rid of spider mites be careful with plant movements as you can easily re introduce spider mites on new stock plants. All new plants should be rigorously monitored for spider mites before re introduction into your growing system. Be sure to look for the first tell tale signs of spider mite mottling damage.

If you do find spider mites re infesting successive crops then you will have to re release again in the new crop to maintain a good level of control. Generally successive crops will have smaller infestations and as you become more attuned to detecting spider mite damage you will find managing the spider mite problem becomes much easier.  The picture shows a raspberry crop that had had quite a bad infestation of mites, we released persimilis which built up and ate out the spider mites, you can see that the top leaves are now growing clean and free from spider mites.

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How to get rid of spider mites
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