At all times, please remember predatory mites are only little and easily damaged or squashed so please be careful.

Persimilis – (QR Code information)

Thank you for Choosing Bio Works persimils. This jar contains pure persimilis extracted in such a way as to ensure optimum health and viability. The persimilis are then weighed and added to the middle of this jar in a condensed mass. As the jar warms the persimilis will begin to break up and move around the jar in search for food. If the jar is still cold then place the jar on it’s side and gently warm to approx 20 degrees then gently rotate to break up the mass and the persimilis will spread evenly through the vermiculite ensuring even dispersal. You should be able to see the persimilis moving in the vermiculite and on the jar.



Hypoaspis come in a potting mix type media, release is as easy as putting between a level teaspoon and a dessert spoon of the media into each pot or every step in a vegie patch or garden.

The amount used will depend upon level of infestation size of pot and temperature of soil. Start with the area of highest infestation. Then spread evenly throughout the affected area. If using Hypoaspis in potted plants make sure all pots get treated.

If you have any left over treat the surrounding area, to help reduce pressure. Especially in the case of fungus gnat’s this can be very beneficial.


Cucumeris is supplied in vermiculite at the rate of 100K per litre.
Gently roll the container prior to release to help spread the cucumeris around the jar. Break the paper lining under the pour hole to allow cucumeris to be poured out. The cucumeris should be be sprinkled over the leaf surface of target plants. When treating Broad Mite ensure cucumeris is sprinkled onto Broad mite affected tip/top leaves.

Effective biting pest management

Say goodbye to Sandflies with BanItch

BanItch is the use of soil dwelling predatory mites that are used to treat the eggs and larval stages of biting midges or sandflies. It is a property management tool that helps in significantly reducing the number of these nuisance biting pests in your gardens and lawns. If biting midges or sandflies are a problem for you head over to our dedicated BanItch section.

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